We've seen quite a lot of exploitable PSP / PSN games for firmware 1.80 and 1.81 on the PS Vita, and after a short period of three days after the release of the third title for firmware 1.81 which contained an exploit to run Total_Noob's eCFW Wololo decided to release the files required to get started.

Despite conspiracy theorists who would love to see us not deliver, here’s, as promised, Teck4?s port of Total_Noob’s eCFW to a new game exploit for the game Gravity Crash Portable.

As “expected”, the game Gravity Crash Portable was removed from all Sony PSN locales yesterday, following our announce 3 days ago of a vulnerability being discovered in that game, that would allow a malicious attacker to run Super Mario Bros on your Vita.

Hopefully, people who missed the Monster Hunter AND Urbanix AND Mad blocker alpha exploits had enough luck this time to catch this 4th game in time before it got pulled.

Teck4 ported TN’s CEF to the Gravity Crash game in JP, while Frostegater adapted this work to the EU and US versions. Total_Noob’s CEF is a tool running within the PSP Emulator of the Vita, which will allow you, among other things, to run most PSP homebrews (see a good selection of great homebrews and emulators here) and PSP plugins. Tools such as the Vita FTP will also simplify your file transfers, compared to the tedious official Content Manager Assistant.

Thanks to TheZ for a video of the tool in action:


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Installation and usage are explained in the readme (thanks Frostegater!), but here they are again:

  1. Copy both savedata folders to PSVita by CMA(Open CMA is preferred)

  2. Run game->Editor->Press START->Load level->Choose “exploit”->

  3. Save level

  4. Enjoy ;)

Download: CEF 6.60 TN for Gravity Crash Portable

Source: wololo.net

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